Millennials choose this over money and success


You may have to pry the smashed avocado out of their cold, dead, non-home-owning hands, but it turns out millennials have it more figured out than the world would like to think.

A new survey has found that millennials have learned from the mistakes of generations before them and place a stronger focus on work-life balance, travel and relationships with friends and family than on traditional markers such as money and career success.

Social researcher Clare Madden told the Daily Telegraph that people in this generation do not consider careers as their reason for being.

“They are a social generation which places a higher value on relationships, experiencing life now and not just saving up to experience life in retirement.”

“Their fundamental approach to life is different to the older generations,” she said.

“The era in which technology provided a lifestyle of convenience and more opportunities than ever before has shaped their outlook.”

According to LinkedIn’s Success Survey, 65 percent of Australians base their idea of success on health and happiness, with over 30 percent saying they believe traditional markers are outdated.

Stef, a Xennial colleague and general wisdom-disher, agrees with this outlook.

“Millennials don’t have to build security like our parents and grandparents did,” she explains, “you can live comfortably without owning your own home and it’s totally acceptable to remain unmarried – we have the freedom so why not indulge it?”

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