Michael Cohen may have just helped Donald Trump


Trump lawyer-turned-betrayer Michael Cohen took a detour on his way to prison with a lovely day trip to Washington and a televised sit-down with the House Oversight Committee.

He spent much of his time savaging the president unmercifully, which earned him savage treatment of his own from the Republican members of the committee and strange new ­respect from members on the other side of the aisle.

I haven’t heard that much histrionic and annoying yelling since I had the misfortune to have the batteries run out on my remote control while the channel changer was stuck on the Samantha Bee show.

The weird thing: Since what Republicans were trying to do was save the president’s hide, they should actually have hoisted Cohen on their shoulders, sung “Hava Nagila” and done a nine-hour hora. His testimony and answers actually helped the president when it came to the matter of Trump’s possible impeachment.

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