Mercedes will make EV batteries in Alabama


Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is getting a $1 billion upgrade, and it includes building a new battery factory for its future electric vehicles. According to the automaker, the plant will manufacture batteries for Benz’s EQ line of EVs, starting with its first electric SUV (the EQC) unveiled back in September. Since part of that billion will go towards the creation of manufacturing plants for the cars themselves, it only makes sense that Daimler wants to build their batteries in the same location.

Alabama won’t be the only place where Daimler manufactures EQ electric vehicles and batteries, though. It’s building eight production facilities in various places around the world, along with eight battery factories. It previously announced Bangkok and Beijing as two of the other locations where it plans to build a battery plant, and the automaker already has one in Kamenz, Germany.

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