Lyft enters the scooter race by launching in Denver


Ride share company Lyft is entering the scooter arms race, marked by launching its scooter rental program in Denver on Thursday.

The company, which tries to differentiate itself from its competitors by stressing sustainability and social justice issues, is launching its two-wheeled vehicles later than its competitors. Early entrants into the scooter market moved stealthily into markets like San Francisco and Santa Monica, often before municipalities could craft regulation. As a result, cities like San Francisco responded with a ban, while making companies apply for permits for a pilot program.

This was not lost on Lyft.

“We’ve obviously taken time to look at what works well what doesn’t work so well,” Caroline Samponaro, Lyft’s Head of Bike, Scooter & Pedestrian Policy told ABC News. “We were looking for ways that Lyft could add value. We’re not just thinking about bikes and scooters, we’re thinking about how to make multi-modal trips more possible for most people.”

Multi-modal trips involve more than one kind of transportation.

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