Life lessons parents hope to teach their children


“Be respectful,” “be thankful for what you have” and “honesty is the best policy” are the top three life lessons American parents hope to teach their children, according to a new survey.Rounding out the top five life lessons parents want to instill are “never give up” and “learn from your mistakes.”

A survey of 2,000 parents, commissioned by the YMCA and conducted by OnePoll, looked at the top life lessons and mantras that parents hope to teach their children, as well as the challenges many face in doing so; among them income, time and, perhaps surprisingly, zip codes.

For parents who felt they hadn’t quite been able to teach their children all the things they wanted to, practical and financial barriers were evident. The top reasons cited include working more than 40 hours a week (33 percent), being focused on providing necessities (23 percent) and not being able to spend enough time with their children (22 percent).

And many parents – 43 percent overall – report living in a certain zip code because of the opportunities it afforded to their family. This rises to more than half when looking at parents who make above $80,000 per year, individually.

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