Let’s talk CES gadgets


Long gone are the days when CES actually stood for “Consumer Electronics Show” — the CTA has seen to that in its various small print. I recommend you check out our recent best of CES 2012 story for a look back on the days when things like smartphones took center stage at the event. Mobile World Congress has taken some of the wind out of CES’s sails, along with an increased push for companies to debut flagships at their own events.

OLED takes the cake by a mile this year, adopting the foldable phone form factor into a full laptop. What’s most stunning about the thing is that the company actually plans to release the thing. I suspect I’m not alone in assuming this thing was just a concept the first time I saw a render, but Asus is planning to release the system in Q2 of this year. So we’ll see soon enough how close the commercial product looks to these shots.

Image Credits: Samsung


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