Joe Biden is the clear 2020 front-runner now


The lengthy run-up to Joe Biden’s official entrance into the 2020 race was, in a word, shaky. Which makes his flawless execution of the early days of his actual candidacy all the more impressive.

Since entering the race on April 25, the former vice president has rapidly solidified his status as the front-runner. Polling — nationally and in key early states — shows Biden lengthening his lead over all comers. He is driving the conversation in the race; suddenly “electability” is the buzzword for 2020 Democrats.

And he is the target of attacks from his rivals — most notably Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has gently chided Biden for his vote in support of the war in Iraq as well as for NAFTA. And President Donald Trump himself seems to be concerned about Biden, blasting off a series of tweets and retweets about him in the first days of the Democratic hopeful’s candidacy.

Those are all the traits of a front-runner. And while it’s not terribly surprising that Biden is back on top of the race, what we find remarkable is the ease — and rapidity — with which he has achieved that position. Now the question Biden has to answer is, how long can he stay on top?

Below, the 10 candidates with the best chance of winding up as the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

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