Is Twitter making it harder for Democrats to win in 2020?


There’s a great piece in The New York Times Friday where Jonathan Martin talks to a trio of female Democratic governors who voice their concern that the party’s 2020 nomination fight is shifting too far left, ideologically speaking. One section really jumped out at me:

“The broader risk for the party, they say, is that too many of the candidates are courting only a segment of the liberal base rather than the entirety of the more moderate Democratic coalition.
“(Rhode Island Gov. Gina) Raimondo and (New Mexico Gov. Michelle) Lujan Grisham both urged the candidates not to become consumed by the affirmation or opprobrium of Twitter.
“‘A month or two before my primary I was getting crushed on social media,’ Ms. Raimondo said, recalling the challenge she had from the left last year. ‘My friends were calling me, saying, ‘Gina you’re going down’ and then we won by 20 points.'”