Instagram says it’s not working on a regram feature


Rumors of an Instagram regram function have circulated a number of times, and they were renewed this week when The Verge reported that the company was working on a reshare feature. But while Instagram initially told the site that it had no comment about the report, it is now saying that such a function is flat out “not happening.” It told both The Verge and TechCrunch that it’s neither building nor testing a regram feature.

The Verge reported on Thursday that Instagram appeared to be working on a way for users to easily share others’ posts in their own feed. The feature would be housed in the menu situated in the upper right-hand corner of each post and would give users the option to “share to feed.” A source familiar with the feature provided The Verge with screenshots of posts shared with the feature, which the site noted looked like was in very early stages of development.

Though Instagram denies that it’s working on a regram function, this isn’t the first time evidence of one has been spotted — The Next Web shared images of what appeared to be a native regram button last November. The social network also took steps towards regramming earlier this year when it began allowing users to share posts and, later, others’ stories in their own stories.

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