Inside Amazon’s Jeff Bezos meteoric rise to riches


Jeff Bezos is obsessed with exploration and wading into the unknown.

In addition to being a hardcore “Star Trek” fan and founding a billion-dollar aerospace firm to enable private space travel, the world’s richest man has named many of his limited liability companies after European explorers.

Adventurers like Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan and John Cabot, who sailed in pursuit of a New World, are commemorated in the myriad corporate entities that swirl around Amazon, the massive online retailer that Bezos, 54, started in 1994 in a suburban Seattle garage.

With the announcement last week that the e-commerce juggernaut had chosen Long Island Cityas one of its new headquarters (along with Arlington, Virginia), the maverick entrepreneur who Forbes estimates to be worth $162 billion may be heading into uncharted territory.

Already, New Yorkers are bitterly divided over the $2.5 billion package of taxpayer subsidies and incentives that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio used to lure the corporate giant to a gritty corner of Queens an area that will feature a sprawl of new Amazon corporate offices, and possibly a helipad, at a time when the city is faced with many urgent infrastructure problems, such as a subway system in desperate need of repair.

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