‘Indiana Jones’ named greatest movie trilogy of all time


The past half-century has given us a litany of great movie trilogies, but only one can stand out as the best of all time — and the winner may shock you.

A new survey asking 2,000 Americans to pick the best movie trilogy of all time saw the original “Indiana Jones” trilogy (sorry, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”) named at the top.

The second and third place trophies were awarded to the first three “Jurassic Park” movies and “The Godfather” trilogy, respectively.

The surprising new results emerged from a survey conducted by Vudu Movies & TV, which saw “Back to the Future” and “The Lord of the Rings” receiving high marks as well.

And if there was any debate on which is superior, the original “Star Wars” trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI) received twice the number of votes that the prequel “Star Wars” trilogy did (Episodes I, II and III).

The survey went on to ask respondents which standalone movies from a trilogy were the best and worst of the bunch.

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