I have an opinion on folding phones


Do you want a folding phone? Seriously. Not in a “I agree with the concept of one,” more: “I am willing to buy one in 2019.” Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X have both officially broke cover, but there are so many questions left unanswered.

Thanks to MWC, there’s also no shortage of folding phone prototypes, concepts and teases. Depending on who you ask (including me), folding phones are already many things. So let’s play Choose Your Own Opinion.

Folding phones are too expensive

The Galaxy Fold will cost $1,980. Pay for a ticket to Europe, and Huawei’s Mate X is yours for €2,290 ($2,600). The cynic in me sees these folding phones as a way of taxing money from (occasional big spending) early adopters — like me, someone who dabbles in buyers’ remorse.

I think those price tags are even more shocking after the wave of keenly priced, capable smartphones we’ve seen in the last few years. I already wince at the new standard flagship smartphone prices. Last year, you need pretty much a thousand dollars (or pounds) for your next handset from Samsung or Apple.

Little did I know what 2019 had in store: Double the screen, apparently, more than doubles the price. I could buy a Galaxy S10, Samsung’s latest tablet, and have enough change to fly to Korea. It’s a cold hard reminder that it’s early days for folding screens.

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