How to reduce robocalls at small businesses


I get a ton of spam. No, not the processed lunch meat – unsolicited junk phone calls, or robocalls. These junk phone calls scare people into believing they’re in trouble with the IRS or selling them scam-ridden vacation packages. While, as an individual, these spam phone calls annoying, for a small business, they’re downright expensive. For small businesses, dealing with robocalls is a much bigger problem than for individuals.

Many small businesses must answer each phone call. In my company, we certainly do. And my self-employed sister sells to hundreds of businesses, so she absolutely has to pick up every call. About half the calls she receives are robocalls. That means hours and hours in the course of a week or month answering useless calls, interrupting real work, lowering productivity.

The effect isn’t restricted to incoming calls. Those small businesses that must make calls to clients or patients now find they must leave messages, keep calling, try other means to reach people who no longer answer their phones, trying to avoid robocalls. According to a study by Consumer Reports, 70% of Americans no longer answer phone calls from unknown numbers.

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