How to Buy Disney Stock


The Walt Disney Company is an iconic part of the American childhood experience. And its influence extends internationally and to all age groups. The legendary Walt Disney began producing his animated films in the early 1920s, and they’ve been fan-favorites ever since. As a fun way to start your children or grandchildren on the path to financial success, you can buy stock in Disney and gift it to them early on. Anyone can get a hold of Disney stock, though, and we go over how to do so below.

How to Buy Disney Stock

Direct Investment

Through a partnership with Broadridge, a financial services company, you can buy Disney stock via The Walt Disney Company Investment Plan. This system is entirely online and requires new and current shareholders to have an account. Users can access their trade history, related tax forms, dividends and all other account information on this portal.

As far as specifics go, you should check out the plan prospectus on Disney’s website. Highlights from this paperwork include a $175 to $250,000 mandatory investment, a $20 one-time enrollment fee, a $20 sales fee, a $0.02 per share commission fee and a $5 debit/credit transfer fee. Disney has collectible stock certificates available for $50.

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