How the Left destroys itself and other commentary


Many on the left were quick to declare the initial edited video of the Covington Catholic incident as a “symbol of all that’s wrong with America,” notes The Atlantic’s Conor Friersdorf. One even proclaimed a smirking teen’s face, which is “something known to every parent and schoolteacher in the world,” as “an emblem of ‘tactics of genocide’ — as though the root of ethnic cleansing were adolescent ignorance.”

Indeed, treating a smirking teen as a stand-in “utterly trivializes bygone atrocities.” Why, he wonders, do so many on the left spend “so much energy on culture-war pile-ons, even opining that children are punchable or irredeemable or deserving of doxing”? It’s this “bizarre focus” on the boys as a symbol of what ails America, instead of what actually does, “that’s going to do in the left.”

Give President Trump credit for recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the nation’s interim president, as a dozen other Western Hemisphere countries have done, urges Bloomberg’s Eli Lake. Trump’s foreign policy may be chaotic in other areas, but he “has always been consistent” on Venezuela and exerting pressure against socialist strongman ­Nicolas Maduro.

Some on the left accuse Trump of supporting a coup, comparing this to US Cold War interventions in Latin America. Back then, though, Washington “supported dictatorships and juntas as a bulwark against international communism” at the expense of democracy. In Venezuela, Trump “is trying to help restore democracy,” which has been “strangled” under Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

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