How the Dems Should Blow Up Their Debates


Girlfriend, you are so on.” Thus spoke Marianne Williamson, author and spiritual adviser to the stars, responding to a question at a Democratic presidential debate in which she was, inexplicably, taking part.

Standing alongside a former vice president and four U.S. senators, Williamson said her first act as president of the United States would be, naturally, to call New Zealand’s prime minister.

You would think that Williamson’s performance would mean that she would be so off the stage for the second round of 2020 debates, scheduled to be aired next week on CNN. But no, POLITICO and others project that she’ll be one of the 20 candidates selected during Thursday night’s live debate-draw telecast. It’s not too late to change the rules—immediately.

Beating Donald Trump is the political cause of our lifetimes. Democrats simply cannot afford a process for picking our nominee that advantages the activist left over the mainstream, the wealthy over the middle class, and the television famous over viable leaders. Before the July debates, the Democratic National Committee should scrap its rules for selecting debate participants and start over.

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