Here’s How You Can Still See a Movie with MoviePass Today


If MoviePass won’t let you check into any showtimes right now, it’s not just you. After a Thursday night crash, service has still not been fully restored. But if you were hoping to see a movie without paying out of pocket today, there’s still one way you can do so.

As of this writing, MoviePass is still working at theaters with e-ticketing. These are the theaters where you can actually buy your ticket and reserve your seat within the MoviePass app rather than going through the “check-in” process.

You’ll know a theater has e-ticketing because it will have a ticket icon displayed next to it on the MoviePass app. To reserve your seat, simply click on the movie and showtime, and instead of “continue” popping up on the bottom of the screen, you’ll have the option to “continue to e-ticketing.” From there, you select the seat you want, hit continue, and then hit submit to reserve it.

Once you do so, you’ll get a confirmation code, and you can then use that to pick up your tickets at the box office or at one of the theater’s kiosks. Note: you can do this process from anywhere, not just near the theater, so make sure to test this at home before heading out, as there’s a chance e-ticketing will go down within the next few hours.

E-ticketing is mainly available at theaters that aren’t a part of the big chains like AMC, i.e. theaters that were actually willing to work directly with MoviePass. When MoviePass went down last night, e-ticketing was the only part of the service not affected.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have an e-ticketing theater near you, don’t expect to be able to use MoviePass today. It’s unclear when exactly MoviePass will get back to full service if it will at all.

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