Here Are 34 Fall 2018 Books We Can’t Wait To Read


After a long, hot, weird summer, autumn is finally arriving to bless us with sweater weather and a fresh slate of wonderful books.

Some of these books, of course, are long, hot and weird ― in the best possible ways. (Think new Murakami, new Kingsolver and new Knausgaard.)

Here at HuffPost, we’ve added our most-anticipated books to our to-read lists and are practically vibrating with excitement for them to finally come out.

Some of us gravitate to incisive nonfiction, like Sarah Weinman’s The Real Lolitaand Jill Lepore’s These Truths. Others prefer to be dazzled by stylish fiction, like Wayétu Moore’s She Would Be King and Sharlene Teo’s Ponti. This autumn, there’s a book for every palate: short fiction, epic novels, investigative reports, contemplative memoirs.

Here are 34 books we at HuffPost can’t wait to read this fall:

The Wildlands, by Abby Geni (Counterpoint)

When a massive tornado swept through the small town of Mercy, Oklahoma, it took the McCloud kids’ home, farm and sole remaining parent ― and inspired teenage Tucker to join the war between man and nature, on the side of nature. Years later, he returns to conscript his adoring baby sister into his violent environmental crusade. Geni’s sophomore novel, like her first, is a moody, pulse-pounding literary thriller. ―Claire Fallon

Lake Success, by Gary Shteyngart (Random House)

Shteyngart, an able satirist of societies collapsing under their own excess, takes on America’s current ruling class of professional money-hoarders. Barry, a Princeton-educated hedge fund manager, embarks on a last-minute Greyhound odyssey across America to flee his professional stresses and his collapsing relationship with his wife and their young son, who has autism. ―Fallon

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