Have the Democrats finally gone too far?


Pick up a newspaper or watch the news about what Democrats are up to and you’re certain to ask yourself the same question dominating American politics: Are they going too far?

Did Democrats overreach when they invited convicted liar and turncoat scammer Michael Cohen to tell Congress President Trump is a bad guy?

Are they on a ridiculous fishing expedition when they summon 81 people, including three of the president’s children, to testify to a congressional panel whose chairman says he’s certain Trump committed crimes, no matter what special counsel Robert Mueller says?

Have they lost their minds with plans for a single-payer health system, the Green New Deal, unrestricted abortion, open borders and endless free stuff?

Then there is the fiasco involving Rep. Ilhan Omar, whose habit of making anti-Semitic remarks somehow became a referendum on Islamophobia. In failing to call her out and instead treating her like a victim of Republican hate, did Democrats condone her anti-Semitism?

Certainly Jewish voters might think so. Among Dems’ most loyal constituencies, with about 75 percent of their votes usually going to the party’s presidential nominee, Jews were told to suck it up and take one for the team.

Stripped of details, all these events display the conviction among Democrats that Trump’s election and conduct give them license to eliminate all restrictions on their own behavior. The pattern reveals that Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone from being a temporary madness to a permanent political strategy. Anything goes if there is some way to blame Trump.

He hit me first! You hear that on playgrounds — and now in the halls of Congress.

Although Dems are deadly serious about using the excuse to ­motivate their base from now until the 2020 elections, most voters will focus on other things as well, including candidates’ plans for the future. So do

Trump’s opponents have realistic plans, or have they simply gone off the deep end in their zeal to destroy him?

My answer is no, they have no real plans, and yes, absolutely yes, they are way out of bounds in their fanatical reactions to Trump. They assume that a majority of the public hates him as much as they do, and that ruthless, endless assaults on him, his children and business will yield political gold.

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