Google’s best Doodles of the last 20 years


It’s hard to believe Google is about to turn 20 years old. And while the company has changed drastically in the past two decades, going from being a simple search engine to a global tech titan, there’s one thing that’s been there from the very first day: the homepage Doodle. Since 1998, Google has kept its site looking fresh by creating different variations of its logo, inspired by cultural icons, events and phenomenons such as Pac-Man, the birth of hip-hop and more.

More than 2,000 Doodles have adorned Google’s homepage, each with a unique charm. But there are some that have stood out from the rest and will forever be embedded in people’s memories. Let’s take a look at the best and most important Google Doodles from the past 20 years.

Interestingly enough, the first Google Doodle was created before the company was even incorporated. A few days before its official launch, Google says founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin put the Burning Man-inspired logo on the homepage as an away message — that’s how they let people know they were heading to the festival.

It took two years for Google Doodles to get animated. On October 31st of 2000, the first Doodle with motion graphics arrived to celebrate Halloween. The O’s in the logo were replaced by tiny jack-o’-lanterns, and a spider dangled between the “L” and “E.” But Halloween 2000 was the first in a long list of animated Google Doodles.