Google redesigns Fit to get you moving


Sitting kills. Specifically, a sedentary lifestyle can kill you. Google and the American Heart Association want to save your life, or at least, encourage you to be more active. The tech giant is giving the Google Fit app its most serious overhaul since it launched in 2014, and the changes will apply to both the phone (iOS and Android) and Wear OS versions.

The redesign focuses on movement and cardiovascular health, aiming to show people that it doesn’t take a whole lot to meet scientifically determined weekly goals.

This isn’t about buying a bunch of lycra and going to the gym, senior product manager Margaret Hollendoner told Engadget. You can meet these numbers simply by speeding up your pace when walking to the bodega or, if you’re like me, breaking out into random dance sessions at home.

Instead of simply tracking your activity, the new Fit will make meeting your goals front and center. The redesigned interface is very reminiscent of the activity rings on the Apple Watch, but instead of just encouraging you to Move, Stand and Exercise, Google makes it a bit simpler.

When your Fit app updates this Friday, you’ll see two concentric circles around your profile picture on the home page. The green outer circle represents your Heart points (more on these later), while the blue inner ring denotes your Move minutes.

You set your daily goals for each when go through the new onboarding process, and Google will suggest a number that helps you meet the American Heart Association’s recommended 150 minutes of cardio activity a week. The system will start with a low target of 75 move minutes and 10 heart points a day, then suggest you adjust it as you progress.