Gogo will offer 5G in-flight internet in 2021


It’ll be available in the US and Canada.

Gogo plans to launch in-flight 5G on business and commercial flights in 2021. According to an announcement made today, the 5G will be available in the contiguous US and Canada.

“We expect to launch Gogo 5G at the same time as the terrestrial telecommunications companies are deploying the same generation of technology on the ground,” said CEO Oakleigh Thorne.

The company plans to build the 5G network on its existing infrastructure — more than 250 towers — and will use unlicensed spectrum in the 2.4 GHz range.

It will continue to deploy its 3G and 4G networks throughout the US and Canada, as a backup to its 5G. In its press release, the company noted that a ground-based network has key advantages over satellite technologies — lower operating costs and lower latency.

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