Gas companies are taking advantage of summer drivers


Dear John: I recently relocated to Tampa, Fla., from Long Island. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the gasoline producers.

I worked for different gas companies, and the price is what they want it to be. For example, we would get a call from a supervisor who at every opportunity wanted to raise the price at the pump.

His mantra was, “Let’s see what the competition would do.” He wanted to raise his district’s profitability and make bonus.

The gas companies are taking advantage of the summer season. As you know, they gauge the consumers every summer to take advantage of the that cash cow season — especially in the Hamptons and the North Shore of Long Island.

By the way, I just paid $2.51 a gallon for regular at Costco Orlando yesterday. Premium is still highway robbery, priced at 2.99. AJ.

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