Galaxy S10 Faces An Awkward Problem


Samsung Galaxy S10 users are reporting issues with individual applications hanging and requiring a forced closing of apps, apps locking up the handset, and the phone itself requiring a restart in some circumstances.

SamMobile reports:The most common complaint going around right now is a freezing issue with third-party apps. Apps like Twitter and Nova Launcher seem to be most affected, but the problem isn’t limited to these apps. We’ve had Twitter hang on our devices here at SamMobile as well, and since the app didn’t get an update in the Google Play Store recently, the phone’s software update is no doubt the culprit.

The good news is that the issue looks to be software based, specifically part of May’s software update and security patches. It should be a relatively easy matter for Samsung to roll back the changes through an over the air update or patch them and push an additional short stability update to S10 users.If it had been a hardware issue, then it would have been apparent much earlier in the life of the handset.

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