7 ways to boost your energy levels this winter


As the days draw in and the temperatures drop, it’s difficult to keep motivation high – many of us fall victim to the desire to stay in bed longer! So to get you on the right track, we called on nutritionist Helen Bond of The Harley Street Medical Group, to share her top tips for keeping your energy levels up this winter…

1. Eat regularly
With Christmas now on the horizon, fatty, high-calorie foods are more readily available than any other time of year. But while it’s tempting to tuck into that sugary treat, it simply causes a blood sugar spike which results in a drop off in energy and alertnes. Instead, stick to regular, healthy meals and snacks – this will stabilise your blood sugar.

2. Balance your plate
But what, exactly, constitutes a ‘healthy meal’? Your ideal plate will be a good balance of wholegrain carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. This combination helps to slow down the absorption and release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, allowing for sustained energy levels, advises nutrition expert Helen.

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