Former Clinton adviser says Hillary will run in 2020


Two-time Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will mount a third bid for the White House, longtime Clinton adviser Mark Penn wrote in an op-ed published Sunday by The Wall Street Journal, predicting that the former first lady and secretary of state is readying a “Hillary 4.0″ campaign for 2020.

In the Journal op-ed, Penn, an adviser and pollster to the Clintons from 1995-2008, and former New York City politician Andrew Stein wrote that in a 2020 run, Clinton would reinvent herself “as a liberal firebrand.” The twice-failed presidential candidate would not “let a little thing like two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House,” they wrote.

Although she has routinely shot downtalk of a 2020 run, Clinton said in an interview earlier this month that “I’d like to be president” after answering “no” when asked whether she wanted to run for president again.

Another longtime Clinton aide, Philippe Reines,  last month that he thought it was odd Clinton’s name wasn’t “in the mix” of potential 2020 contenders, though he said more recently that he couldn’t think of a Democrat who would be able to successfully challenge President Donald Trump.

Clinton’s surprise loss to President Donald Trump in 2016 sent shockwaves through Democratic Party, but Penn and Stein write that two years of hand-wringing and reflection — as well as some denial on Clinton’s part — will strengthen Clinton and put her in the best position to take Trump on again.