Five dog tags found in belly of South Carolina monster gator


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A South Carolina hunter got the shock of his life when he killed a monster “nuisance gator” along the Edisto River in the alligator-laden ACE Basin estuary in Beaufort, Colleton and Charleston counties.

After taking the gator to Cordray’s, a butcher shop that has a side business in taxidermy in Ravenel, S.C., Ned McNeely found out the 12 foot long, 445 pound gator was not only a nuisance but a serial dog murderer.

“Ned McNeely brought in this 12’ long 445 lb. private land gator this morning! We don’t usually open up the stomach but we did today. 5 dog tags, 1 bullet jacket, 1 spark plug, loads of turtle shells, and several bobcat claws were inside. Two of the tags were legible and one phone number still worked,” Cordray’s revealed in a Facebook post.

When Cordray staff called the number, the man answering the phone “confirmed he’d lost a hound dog 24 years earlier while hunting leased property near where the alligator was killed,” according to the local CBS station.

Alligators in South Carolina can grow to over 13 feet in length and live over 70 years.

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