FCC says ‘net neutrality’ rules will end in June


The Federal Communications Commission said in a notice Thursday that landmark 2015 US open-internet rules will cease on June 11.

The FCC in December repealed the Obama-era “net neutrality” rules, allowing internet providers to block or slow websites as long as they disclose the practice. The FCC said the new rules will take effect 30 days from Friday.

An FCC spokeswoman confirmed the new rules will take effect on June 11.

A group of states and others have sued to try to block the new rules from taking effect. The revised rules were a win for internet service providers like AT&T and Comcast but are opposed by internet firms like Facebook and Alphabet.

The US Senate is set to vote as early as next week on whether to reject the FCC repeal of the net neutrality rules.

Proponents currently have the backing of 47 Democrats and two independents who caucus with Democrats, as well as Republican Sen. Susan Collins. With the prolonged absence of Republican Sen. John McCain due to illness, proponents believe they will win on a 50-49 vote.

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