Facebook says that Workplace now has 2M paying users


With Slack gearing up to go public and now seeing daily active users of 10 million with 85,000 organizations using it to help employees communicate with each other, Facebook today released some updated numbers of its own for Workplace, its enterprise-focused platform:

The company says that there are now 2 million paid users on the service, not counting those who are using its free tier; and NGOs and educational organizations using Workplace for Good — if you add these in you get “millions” more, Facebook said, without providing a concrete number.

The company’s paid tier starts at $3 per month per user, with pricing arranged directly with organizations when numbers exceed 5,000 employees. It started to charge for its service in October 2017, after first launching in October 2016.

Being Facebook and already working at a huge scale with more than 2 billion monthly active users of its flagship service, the company has always pitched Workplace as a tool for very large enterprises, and today it said that it now has 150 companies with more than 10,000 users each on the platform.

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