Facebook now lets you show off your gift list


Facebook’s Pinterest-style collections feature is getting social just in time for the gift-giving season. Now you can share your curated bookmarks — which can span posts from friends or a Facebook Page, ads, Watch videos, and Marketplace listings — with your Facebook friends. All you have to do is invite the people you want to join your boards and they’ll be able to add to the compilations.

Facebook hopes you and your pals (or family) will work together on self-explanatory collections like “Living Room Remodel”, “Outfit Inspiration” and “Fitness Favorites.” Tapping your network for everything from fashion tips to gift lists fits in with Facebook’s social model, even if the feature is lifted wholesale from Pinterest.

Whether anyone remembers collections — one of the countless features Facebook has churned out over the years — is anyone’s guess. After all, you can already bookmark posts on Instagram and (at last count) Pinterest was still going strong with 250 million monthly users.

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