Every sport you love could be fixed


At first, the 2016 NBA Finals didn’t look like they were going to be much of a contest. The Cleveland Cavaliers trailed the Golden State Warriors 3-1 and a mercy kill appeared imminent. And then the Cavs caught a break.

Draymond Green, Golden State’s starting forward, was suspended in Game 4 for a tussle with LeBron James — a head-scratching decision to some who felt the punishment was unwarranted.

Cleveland went on to win the next game by 15 points. In Game 6, the Cavs also enjoyed some luck after Golden State sharpshooter Steph Curry fouled out — something that had not happened for three years.

His wife quickly tweeted, “sorry this is absolutely rigged for money . . . Or ratings [I’m] not sure which.”

The series went to a seventh game, and Cleveland ultimately squeaked by with a four-point victory, winning its first-ever title.

To Brian Tuohy, author of the new book “The Fix Is Still In: More Corruption and Conspiracies the Pro Sports Leagues Don’t Want You to Know About” (Feral House), out Tuesday, something fishy was definitely going on. The ending felt a little too good to be true.

“I thought that series was manipulated,” he tells The Post. “A lot of strange things happened, and it all culminated in LeBron James bringing a title home for Cleveland.”

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