Embracing fear is the key to getting ahead at work


Give fear a chance — because believe it or not, if you take time to embrace this widespread, albeit unpleasant emotion at work, rewards await.

So says Brandon Webb, CEO of media and e-commerce business Hurricane Group and a best-selling author. His “Mastering Fear: A Navy SEAL’s Guide” (Portfolio) is out in August.

Fear of failure is common, whether it concerns giving a presentation, taking on a massive project or accepting a higher post with expectations to match. And yet, “failure is one of the biggest gifts we can have because we learn from it,” says Webb. “Everyone who is successful has failed on their way — it’s a requirement. Change your relationship with failure and the better off you’ll be.”

If a promotion or raise is deserved but you dread asking for it, realize that “if you don’t ask, the one thing that’s certain is you’re never going to get it. To advance your career, you need to say something. Everyone I interviewed for my book has made that a habit. It comes down to making the decision to do it,” says Webb.

Knowledge is power when pushing past fear, says Alison Green, author of “Ask a Manager: How To Navigate Clueless Colleagues, Lunch-Stealing Bosses and the Rest of Your Life at Work” (Ballantine).

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