Diplomacy is harder when you’re simply shouting the loudest


Well, there goes the Nobel Peace Prize. But could President Trump ever have seen himself sharing such an honor with anyone else? Or, for that matter, could he be seen as sharing a global spotlight with someone he’d not so long ago been calling Little Rocket Man?

We also need to look at the bizarre events of the last few months from the other end of the telescope.

Could Kim Jong Un ever have trusted the likes of Trump to guarantee his safety, his survival, his continued rule as a power-hungry dictator without a single nuclear sidearm, let alone a full-on arsenal? Hardly likely.

After all, would Kim really have faced down the leader who, confronted with the most urgent pleas from all of his most loyal allies abroad, was prepared to withdraw from another nuclear pact with Iran that was in fact guaranteeing exactly what Trump wanted from Kim? Zero nukes for a very long time. Not likely.

Yet, isn’t that what French president Emmanuel Macron, German chancellor Angela Merkel and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson were warning Trump about?

Their message was a simple one, and indeed as it turned out, quite prescient: That his act of summarily withdrawing from the Iran agreement could poison the well of a truce with North Korea and the elimination of its nuclear deterrent.

The timing of Trump’s announcement on Thursday, unilaterally putting a stake through the heart of his long-sought summit, was hardly unexpected.

Just hours earlier, the North Korean leader had welcomed the world press to witness the destruction of the deep tunnels where he’d set off the atomic and hydrogen bombs that so inflamed Trump’s passion.

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