Dems spurn Trump on shutdown talks


House Democrats refused to participate in a Tuesday afternoon meeting with President Donald Trump, dashing the White House’s long-shot hopes of convincing moderates to circumvent their leaders and reach a grand bargain to reopen the government.

With the shutdown stretching into its 25th day, negotiations between Trump and top congressional Democrats have screeched to a halt. Both sides are refusing to shift their positions and communication between the two camps has been at a standstill since the president stormed out of a meeting last week.

“I’ll meet with him anytime he wants. But the last time I spoke to him was when he threw a temper tantrum and walked out, and we haven’t heard from him since then,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Tuesday afternoon.

The failed effort to court Democrats Tuesday is the latest setback for a president who is running out of options to reopen the government and realize his long-standing pledge to build the border wall.

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