Catch the summer breeze on this hidden Caribbean island


If you and your partner are trying to plan an easy breezy honeymoon, the small, unpsoilt island of Nevis is a great choice — quite literally.

Nevis is the smaller of the two Caribbean islands that make up the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, and the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton. To escape the heat, you can head up to Montpelier Plantation & Beach, located 750 feet above the sparkling Caribbean Sea, in the hills of southern Nevis. While the rest of the island, and the Caribbean at large, can feel a bit muggy during the summer months, Montpelier is a breezy sanctuary year round, thanks to its ability to catch the island’s soothing tradewinds.

The luxury boutique property’s relaxed oasis vibe is so strong that when I was there earlier this month, it only took me an hour or so to get New York out of my system and surrender myself to the wind and wine (in that order).

But the tradewinds aren’t the only element that make Montpelier such a great place for honeymooners to unwind and chill. Built on one of Nevis’ 18th-century sugar plantations, the hotel is reminiscent of a time when traveling wasn’t so much about Instagramming your vacation as it was about actually enjoying it. There aren’t any TVs in the 19 rooms or the three villas, and the furniture is elegant and sophisticated, but nothing fancy — think crisp white beds with blue and green pillows, tiled floors and big windows that invite the outside in.

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