Capsicum launches a beautiful daily planner for iOS


Calendaring and note-taking apps have never really filled the void left behind when we moved away from our old, paper-based daily planners to digital devices. But a newly launched iOS app called Capsicum may help to change that. Like real-world daily planners from years ago, Capsicum lets you not only track your events and to-dos, it also offers a place to track other things not tied to a specific date and time — like your larger, longer-term goals, journal entries and even your daily habits — like whether you made it to the gym, or remembered to take your vitamins.

The idea for the app comes from U.S. software engineer Ish ShaBazz, who was featured in the 2017 documentary “App: The Human Story,” and Australian designer Heidi Helen Pilypas. Both love beautiful planners and iOS apps, so around three years ago, they decided to work on a project that has now become Capsicum.

The app’s name refers to a bell pepper, which is why it’s in the logo.

However, the name was chosen because the Latin root “capsa” means “box.” And the app uses individual boxes — components — throughout its design for things like the weather, your events, to-dos and more.

There are three main use cases for Capsicum, each with their own tab at the bottom of the home screen.

The daily planner section offers a home to your monthly, weekly and daily to-do lists.

This feels like a more natural way to plan things, in some cases — especially for writing down things that don’t have an exact time, like a reminder to make a doctor appointment or return your library books, for example. But you still need to slot those in around other events, like meetings or scheduled calls. Calendaring apps don’t have this sort of flexibility, which means we today turn to other apps — like to-do lists, Apple’s Notes or Reminders.

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