Brady moves right in revised tax plan


House Republicans released a substantially revised year-end tax bill today, though the odds of it reaching President Trump’s desk seem to have only gotten longer.

Facing complaints from conservatives, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), the chamber’s top tax writer, added some of their top priorities, including language repealing the decades-old Johnson amendment, which bars nonprofits from engaging in political activities.

He also added controversial language backed by abortion opponents stipulating that “unborn children” may be designated as beneficiaries of 529 education-savings accounts.

At the same time, he dropped provisions reviving a batch of tax “extenders” — hated by many conservatives, though they enjoy broad backing in the Senate.

All of that will help shore up support among House conservatives who forced party leaders to shelve a previous draft of the plan, but it is sure to antagonize Senate Democrats whose support will be needed to get any plan into law — and who were already unenthusiastic about Brady’s plans.

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