Biggest problem Americans have with their boss


A third of workers feel their boss lacks key skills, according to new research.

Communication was found to be the number one skill bosses are missing, followed by issues with time management and mentorship.

A study examining the performance and productivity of American workplaces found the inefficiencies and daily frustrations add up quickly — two in five workers described their workplace environment as “challenging.”

The research, which examined the impact of communication policies, workplace infrastructure and company reorganizations also found as many as three in four office employees question whether their workplace has given them the sufficient training necessary to do their current job.

The survey of 1,500 employees, 350 HR executives and hiring managers, and 350 C-suite executives examined how different workers rate interoffice communication and how they’ve been affected by company reorganizations.

Results showed a clear disconnect between upper management and HR managers when it came to areas in need of attention.

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