Bear Grylls tests the art of survival of everyday people


After teaching the art of survival on TV for over a decade, Bear Grylls is bringing a new type of competition he hopes will catch on with weekend warriors.

The famed celebrity adventurer is now testing the survival instincts of everyday people in the first ever Bear Grylls survival challenge.

“Everyone likes to think that they can do survival, but actually, you can’t learn it all from a book. You’ve got to be tested. You’ve got to be squeezed. I always think we’re like grapes. Until we’re squeezed, you don’t really see what people are made of. And this whole challenge is about putting people under pressure and seeing if they can deliver when it matters,” Grylls told “Nightline.”

After paying a $90 entrance fee, contestants navigate a diabolical 6-mile course in the California heat facing physical and mental challenges including simulated explosions, burning cars, running through dark caves and even climbing to the top of a small mountain they call “Everest.”

“Because this is about giving people a tangible experience and it’s such a privilege getting to take Hollywood stars out on adventures. I love all of that, but there’s something really powerful about days like this, where you’re up close and personal with people,” he said.

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