America’s parents have become morally bankrupt


The university cheating scandal last week, in which 50 people including Hollywood celebrity parents Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman scammed the system to get kids into elite colleges, is a clarifying moment. It reveals that too many American parents have completely lost their minds.

Indeed, mothers and fathers today are taking helicopter parenting to new and monstrous levels.Parents regularly share videos on social media of brawls at children’s sporting events. In October, a fight broke out among adults during the postgame handshake following a pee-wee football match in Virginia.

In June, it was a punch-up at a 12-and-under girls softball game. And just a few weeks ago parents in Kimberly, Wisconsin, decided it wasn’t enough to watch their kids roll around at a youth-wrestling tournament and took to the mat themselves.

What parents can’t fix with violence they take to court. In September, a mom in St. Louis sued because her son didn’t make the varsity soccer team. West Virginia parents sued for “punitive damages and damages for emotional stress, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of scholarship potential” after their child got an F on a biology project turned in late.

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