American freed from Yemen greeted by White House


Danny Burch, an American who was freed from captivity in Yemen, celebrated his return home Wednesday with a White House homecoming.

“Gosh, it’s great to be an American,” said Burch, who was accompanied by his son, in the Oval Office.

Burch was a prisoner in Yemen for 18 months and the US helped secure his release with the help of the United Arab Emirates, President Trump said.

“We got him out and we’re very happy about it,” Trump said. “And Danny, welcome home.”

Trump announced on Twitter last month that Burch had been reunited with his wife and family.

The president hailed the homecoming as a success for his administration and said negotiations for other hostages are underway, though he didn’t provide specifics.

“I will say, Danny, we’re 20 and 0,” Trump said of his efforts to free Americans.

“I love doing it because I love the end result. This is the end result – happy man with a happy family.”

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