Amazon teases one-day delivery for Prime customers


Online retail giant Amazon said on Thursday that they plan to make one-day delivery available to their Prime customers in the U.S. on most items.

The company announced the change from two-day delivery as it’s fighting to keep up with retailers Target and Walmart, where customers can order goods online and pick them up in the stores.

Amazon is also hoping to attract new customers to Amazon Prime, which costs $119 a year, since other online retailers offer two-day delivers for free.

The company did not say when the one-day delivery will roll out in the states, but did say it’s been adding items that will be available for the service. In countries like the UK, Amazon already offers one-day delivery.

Amazon expects to be ready for the faster service because they’ve spent years expanding the number of warehouses, where goods can be packed and shipped.

They’ve also grown their number of private jets and has been delivering more packages themselves, instead of relying on third-party delivery services like UPS.

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