Amazon Alexa took a day off on Christmas


Alexa took Christmas off.

Thousands of people across Europe said they couldn’t play yuletide songs, get cooking instructions or turn on their living room lights because Amazon’s digital butler was telling them she was “having trouble understanding” their commands and to “please try a little later,” on the holiday, according to The Guardian.

“Alexa isn’t happy this morning,” tweeted @fozrobin. “Tried the good old turn it off, turn it on again trick but no luck.”

“I’ll have to talk to my family instead.”

Added @kmpott: “Alexa, everybody deserves at least one day off at Xmas, perhaps today was not the day to pick.”

The voice-controlled AI personal assistant crashed around 10 a.m. in the UK but about two hours later, Amazon’s customer service account tweeted that the “intermittent connection” issues had been resolved.

Some people suggested the outage happened when Amazon servers were overburdened by all the newly gifted devices being registered.

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