Amazon adds color adjustable lighting to its best Kindle


For e-reader devotees, it doesn’t get better than the Kindle Oasis. Amazon’s the last giant player standing in the category (unless you consider what Barnes & Noble is doing “standing”), and the Oasis is ounce for ounce the best Kindle device it has produced. I reviewed the last iteration of the device back in late 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

Amazon’s keeping the dream alive with an update to the device. Though be forewarned, like the recent standard Kindle upgrade, it’s pretty minor. From the looks of things, the new Oasis maintains all of the good bits with its predecessor, including the nice 7-inch, 300ppi display, coupled with physical page-turn buttons.

The big change here is the ability to adjust the color tone of the front light, to go easier on your eyes during the day — and to help you get to sleep better at night. There’s also a built-in option here that will automatically adjust the tone throughout the day.

Honestly, that’s the main new addition here. There’s also a new generation of E Ink tech, which maintains the same resolution as before, but should offer an increased refresh rate, resulting in faster page turns (I’ll report back more on that later).

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