Alexa can now help you choose a credit card


“Alexa, can you pick a new credit card for me?”

As of this week, the answer is yes.

The personal-finance company NerdWallet announced Wednesday a new skill for Amazon Alexa which is now live in Alexa’s skill store. People can now ask NerdWallet to find the best credit card. Then, Alexa leads them through a series of questions about their credit-card desires, spending habits and credit score range, such as “Do you like to keep things simple, or are you trying to maximize rewards?”

Once they answer those questions, Alexa suggests a card.

For some of the cards recommended, Alexa can also give a phone number consumers can immediately call, through voice command, if they want to apply right away.

The feature is designed to be similar to a conversation one would have with a friend or family member, when trying to ask for credit-card recommendations, said Kevin Yuann, a vice president at NerdWallet and general manager of the credit product group at NerdWallet. “We want to meet the consumer wherever they are,” he said. In this case, that’s in their own homes.

Alexa is more proficient in financial services

NerdWallet isn’t the only financial-services company introducing voice-activated features. Synchrony, an online bank, also announced Wednesday it will now allow consumers who have the Store Card to access information about their accounts and even pay their bills on Alexa.

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