AI To Drive Exceptional ROI And Event Success


Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes music, beats humans in games that have existed for thousands of years, and even wins art contests. Event marketing isn’t the exception to how AI will impact the world. Instead, the event marketers who learn how to use AI to drive event success and measure ROI will eclipse competitors and usher in an age of personalized, tailor-made experiences.Before we look ahead to the promises of AI, we need to revisit our current event marketing reality. Marketers have long been siloed, operating out of static spreadsheets that glean little insights for the brand. Only within the last few years have we seen the adoption of modern data collection and clear ways for events to take shape in a virtual world. Events needed vast improvements to become the pivotal digital marketing touchpoint in the customer journey that we know it as today. CMOs are taking note of events as an impactful touchpoint and tool to collect first-party attendee data that trickles down to every other micro-touchpoint in the buyer’s journey. 

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