Acosta’s 72-hour failure to win back Trump


Alexander Acosta’s last-ditch effort to save his job as labor secretary started in a Trumpian way — with a tweet thread defending his lenient plea deal with wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago.

A day later, he delivered his defense in an unusual and exhaustive press conference on live TV in which he conveyed the White House’s confidence in him — as President Donald Trump and his aides followed along.

It wasn’t enough. The press coverage kept coming, some of it in the president’s preferred news outlets tying Trump to Epstein over the past two decades even more closely than previously known.

On Friday — two days after Acosta’s press conference, three days after his Twitter explanation and four days after Epstein appeared in federal court to face new charges — the labor secretary stepped in front of the cameras with Trump one last time to announce he would no longer be a distraction.

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