A tiny Xbox One S is the latest American Girl accessory


As in all children’s toys, representation in American Girl’s line of dolls is key: The last to be introduced was a Latin American girl destined to reach Mars. But maybe owners just want to see theirs kick back, relax, and play a few rounds of Fortnite like they do. American Girl has released a pack of ‘gamer’ paraphernalia including a headset, chair and an Xbox One S, finally solving the debate of where the brand falls in the system wars.

For $50, you can set up your doll in a ‘gamer chair,’ headset, and Xbox One S with a couple faux games. The tiny console box doubles as an actual projector: Plug a Viewfinder-style disc in and it shows a handful of static ‘gameplay’ scenes. The included chair has built-in speakers and a 3.5mm plug, so you can use it to pump out game audio or tunes.

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