A different insider dish on Trump


With all the books about President Trump, one mystery has been ignored. How did this supposed clown manage not only to learn Ronald Reagan’s economic formula but also carry it to the next level?

Bob Woodward has sketched a White House ruled by fear. Omarosa Manigault Newman has written a yarn about a president “unhinged.” Michael Wolff has penned a picture of “fire and fury.”

Yet none has even tried to address the elephant in the room — how Trump built the platform of economic growth and jobs that managed to crack the Democrats’ presidential-election “Blue Wall” and leave our newscasters agape.

That’s the scoop that Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer are about to publish in their new book “Trumponomics.” It’s an inside account of what they call the “America First plan to revive our economy.”

It’s not due to hit the bookstores until Oct. 30. You can bet, though, that the networks and the big Democratic papers are going to cover it with derision.

In other words, they’ll yet again ignore all voters who knew first hand that the policies of the Obama years had stranded Americans with high taxes and without jobs and too demoralized to look for work.

Both authors have been at this for a long time. Steve Moore is one of the foremost explainers of pro-growth economics, a veteran of multiple think tanks, the activist Club for Growth and of the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

Economist Art Laffer drew the famed “Laffer curve.” That’s the diagram Reagan used to show that if top tax rates got too high, lowering them could ignite enough growth to spur more revenues.

The foreword to the book is by Lawrence Kudlow, who’d spent the early years of the Reagan revolution planning tax cuts from a cramped office in the White House.

Kudlow was originally to be a co-author. He dropped out after Trump named him to head the National Economic Council. That makes him what Moore and Laffer call “arguably” the “most important economist in the world.”

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