4 things stay-at-home dads do better than moms


No offense to mom, but there are some things dads just do better. From aerial diaper-changes to just saying “screw it, let’s get pizza,” four stay-at-home dads share their daddy hacks for better parenting.

Make the best of a crappy situation

“I had to learn how to change [my daughter’s] diaper in the air by the sinks, because men’s bathrooms usually don’t have changing tables, and the floors are so dirty. I take the hand sanitizer, diaper, wipes and creams out and set them up for easy access . . . The mirror can serve as a good distraction. Making funny faces helps keep her relaxed.” — Xavier Rojas

Don’t feel guilty about ordering takeout or delivery

“My son’s a bit clingy at the moment so I don’t always have time to cook dinner. When my wife comes home from work, sometimes there’s a hot meal and sometimes there isn’t. You are always going to feel a little guilty, but there is not much you can do about it when you have a little boy who can dictate your whole day.” — Robert Payne

Ignore your crying baby

“If your baby is crying inconsolably, it’s OK to put the baby down in the crib and give yourself a few minutes if you’re mad or upset. Sit down in the next room and just gather yourself. No baby has ever cried itself to death, so it’ll be fine.” — Jason Greene

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